Cakenis is my new FAVOURITE

Recently I purchased one tudung brand by Hanis Zalikha which is Cakenis. Im aware that Hanis has few businesses and one of them is hijab brand but never crossed my mind and I never had intention to buy the tudung ever. Because I think they just sell an ordinary shawl that is so common in the market. Nothing special about the brand. But I don't know why until one day, I have been wanted to try Cakenis so bad, so I bought this plain heavy chiffon set in a box of three. I bought the London set. They've got me 3 colours which are dark purple, grey and brick red. The reason I bought those set was due to the fact that I have been wanted to wear it on my convocation day. For me, the grey colour is very pretty and I need to try it. Oh yup I have quite a number of dUCk scarves which I should wear one of them, but for my convocation day, I don't wanna wear eyelash shawl. I want baby seam so that's why Cakenis caught my attention. That is the main reason how I started searching the good tudung. There is also another set of plain chiffon, which also comes in a box of three. They are Temasek and Birthday set.

I decided to buy Cakenis shawl since I am also a tudung lover. I loveeeee beautiful tudung so much. I always wanted to have a nice tudung. So I finally purchased! The best thing is, Cakenis is also one of the home brand in FashionValet. FashionValet is known for E-commerce business that provides FREE SHIPPING across Malaysia. I have always shop my dUCkscarves at FashionValet so I love to collect the points there. 

When the package arrived safe and sound, I am beyond happy with the material of the shawls. Before purchasing, I have read few comments on their instagram; said their material which is chiffon is among the BEST they ever had. (They=customer). It was kinda hard to find heavy chiffon like how Cakenis offer. Not all heavy chiffon has the same good quality. They've got so many different grades and quality. That is why the price varies. Not all heavy chiffon is in a best condition and not all heavy chiffon has satisfied me. But in the case of Cakenis, their heavy chiffon is the best I ever had so far (in a heavy chiffon range, of course)! Seriously superb! The quality of the chiffon, it flows nicely, and the drape is so beautiful. I think I have fallen in LOVE. 
 London set

Soo beautiful! Loves the details so much

I have been wanted to buy another set of plain chiffon because I now a fan of Cakenis. They said CAKENISAN. Hahaha. However, during that time the only available set is London, Temasek and Birthday Cake, which Temasek and Birthday both got the least likely colours choices. So I would not buy it. My hope is high for Cakenis to launch another set of colour that has a soft and pastel hues. Because that's my favourite!

These are the box design of London and Temasek's collection. Both collection priced RM135 each. So it will be RM45/piece. In my opinion, the price is very much affordable. Not too pricey. Since this is a brand owned by celebrity, so RM135 is still reasonable

 Temasek's colours collection. Pretty isn't?

 Just by looking at this, please, you can imagine how it will drapes beautifully

 This is Birthday Cake collection. Shades of chocolate. But this price is a lil bit different which is RM150 

The box is also slightly differ from other plain collection because it was launched because of Cakenis's anniversary, if Im not mistaken since I am new to Cakenis hehe. Sorry if Im wrong.

Back to Cakenis shawl, here I wanna list down some info and what I like about Cakenis, so it will be easier for you guys to do some review and will help you decide whether to buy or not to buy. InshaAllah, hopefully ya.
  1. BEST material - I totally fall in love with the material; heavy chiffon. I don't know how to explain, there is no words to describe it. For your information, I am the one who are very fussy, choosy, picky, particular, etc etc kinda person in choosing the tudung. I will look for so many factors before buying and choose the tudung. Material, stitches, measurement and size, colours, weight of the shawl, as it will affect the drapes, easily shape and what not. When I first received the shawl and try straight away try all of them, it seriously one of the best shawl I ever had, no doubt! Suddenly it became my favourite. You got to trust me. Elok cantik terletak, drapes beautifully, tak jarang, dan kemas. My friends know me very well. Yang sampai tahap kalau nak beli any tudung (shawl/bawal) diorang akan suruh I decide and diorang takkan pertikaikan apa apa sebab diorang percaya dengan pilihan I. 
  2. Measurement - Kelebihan Cakenis ni I rasa ada kat measurement dia. The measurement is LONG and WIDE enough to cover chest and aurat perfectly. Trust me. The measurement is around 190cm x 70cm. So memang cukup panjang dan lebar untuk buat apa apa style, sambil tu still BOLEH tutup dada. Mostly shawl 175cm paling panjang pun 180cm. And lebar pun tak sampai 70cm pun. Bagi I lah kan, bab measurement ni Cakenis memang tak lokek and kedekut langsung. I memang sangat selesa if panjang and labuh shawl macam ni. Just nice for me.
  3. The stitches (jahitan) - Jahitan baby seam yang kemas tapi tak la terlalu kemas. Sebab ada je 1-2 shawl yang certain part, jahitan dia tak berapa nak konsisten. Part jahitan memang tak boleh lawan jahitan dUCkscarves yang sentiasa superb and konsisten. Walaupun macam tu, overall sebenarnya jahitan Cakenis ni okay sangat! Mungkin sebab I terlalu cerewet and particular sampai I perasan the small details. But I memang suka jahitan baby seam Cakenis sebab bila pakai nampak cantik elok terbentuk kat muka. 
  4. The hooks - I suka dia ada hook! The hooks are very adjustable so beberapa size muka pun boleh pakai. No pins are needed. So sesuai sangat siapa yang sensitive kat bawah dagu tu tak boleh letak pin ke kan. Memang problem solved! Sangat memudahkan. Serious talk.
  5. Comes in a box - The design of the box for each collection is differ. All designs for me are very simple and very nice to see. It is perfectly great to make as a gift too!
As you can see, that's the hook attached at the tudung. There will be three adjustable sizes to suits everyone's face

And then recently, Cakenis just launched another set of collection, which is Cakenis Seoul! I am so excited for this collection this time because of the colours, oh my god, definitely my favourite! All pastels and soft colour. If possible I wanted to buy through FashionValet website bcause I want that free postage + I will get points at FV. But Cakenis only open this collection for stockist and agent at the moment. I want it so badly to the extent I did send email to Cakenis to ask the team if they will put the Seoul Collection at FashionValet.

 I present you, Seoul collection guys! These are the colours to die for! As a pastel lover, this is so much my favourite! 

 Look at the pretty colours! Im so in love! The details are so perfect. Love the baby seam hemming, the metal tag, the way it presented in the box is very nicely packed 

The box is too pretty to handle

*all pictures above were taken from Cakenis instagram

I can't wait anymore because Im afraid it will be out of stocks. So I look for a stockist and trusted agent to buy this Seoul collection. Most of the agent/stockist charged RN10 for postage. I don't want to pay for a postage. And then I continue my searching until I finally found an agent that provide free postage. So I just needed to pay the price of the shawls only. 

Overall, I am very much satisfied with the quality of the shawls they served. I really hope they keep on producing more beautiful colours because Im now an official Cakenisan! Lol. But to Cakenis team, I really hope you won't keep on producing the same colour with the previous collection. It will be a total wasted if we already have the colours, and you keep repeating that one. You know what I mean right?

I think thats all for now. Next I will be reviewing the Lily cake - satin shawl. It was my favourite printed too!

Till next entry. Assalamualaikum.



  1. wow very detail explain pasal Cakenis. ada selai je.. the Lily one. x pernah beli yang plain lagi..


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