Honest review: dUCk scarves

Yes I've been dUCk-ed!

My first time purchasing this tudung! (finally). I have to tell you something, this is sooo addicitve. I am now addicted to the dUCkscarves. Oh by the way I bought premium basic collection for a start.

My first dUCK is premium chiffon in Yoghurt that I bought at their physical store in Pavilion. So I managed to touch every material they sell, both premium basic and limited edition. And then I bought premium basic georgette in Sky online (during sale, 30% off). Then I bought another one with different material. This time around I bought matte satin silk in Flamingo! The fourth one I bought during sale 30% again also from FV website which is georgette in Peaches n Cream. You know why it is addictive? Because all these 4 were purchased within two months! Yes two months! Thats why I said so haha! If you guys don't believe me, please believe me.

But.... I need to stop buying this dUCkscarves, as for now, since I am still a student with no job with no money. Broke af, literally. I will wait for the day I have my own salary, I will find you and I will buy you dear dUCk! Im so into purchasing this tudung brand. I don't know how to describe this feeling. I am a fans of Vivy Yusof (the co-founder of Fashion Valet and The Duck Group).She's amazing. I love how she is so successful in everything. So pretty so smart. Definitely a beauty with brain! Oh and Im sooo excited seeing my dUCk tower growing and I know it will keep on growing high someday. In this post, I would like to share with you guys which material you need to buy for the first time so it is worth your money!

So dUCk scarves have plain (premium basic) and printed (Limited Edition). Mostly the one with Limited Edition such as Alhambra dUCk, Mother's day dUCk, The Royal dUCk, Eid Songket dUCk, the famous KL dUCk, World Map dUCk, Alphabet dUCk, blooming series and many more, the material used are Satin Silk! Satin silk is kind of slippery but it so nice as it drapes beautifully. But the limited edition price range from RM270-RM800.

The WorldMap dUCk

                    Alhambra dUCk in Lilac                

For the premium basic (plain scarves):
1. Satin Silk (RM130)
2. Matte Satin Silk (RM130)
3. Georgette (RM130)
4. Chiffon (RM130)
5. Fluff (RM150)
6. Jersey (RM130)
7. Bamboo
8. Peachskin

Premium Basic comes with plain purple box

*Credit for images: Google*

Ok now I wanted to give you my honest opinion. If you are going to purchase the dUCk for the first time, and you choose to buy the premium basic and you ask my opinion which material should you buy to make  it worth your money (as it is very expensive for plain scarves, compared to other brands), I would like to suggest you the Matte Satin Silk material! I think matte satin silk is the best material for premium basic range. It looks exclusive, a little bit shiny (not as shiny as satin silk) and very easy to wear, to shape and to handle. And what I love the most about matte satin silk material: it is non see through. Tak jarang pun taw! No need to wear inner even if the colour is very light, no inner needed. Very very good. Takkan nampak leher and so on. That's the first criteria I will look into in purchasing a scarves.
Matte Satin Silk in Silver Frost
It is also much more easier to wear when compared to Satin Silk. Satin Silk is very slippery as for me it needs so many pins to secure. And I personally think that the satin silk is not suitable for mommys who have small childrens or baby. Cause the baby will tarik your tudung! Haha. However, this Satin Silk has its own fans. Satin Silk and Matte Satin Silk are the best selling range for premium basics.
Vivy Yusuf is wearing Satin Silk in Gumdrop
The second material I would like to suggest is Georgette. Georgette is not see through also especially for the bold or dark colour. But it is kinda see through for the light colour. So for better coverage, you need an inner. But georgette is very very easy to wear to shape and to handle. Sangat senang bentuk! 
I really love this material.
Georgette in Sky
For me, their Chiffon range is just a simple chiffon. Nothing special. But the chiffon they used is the high quality one I must say. But Im not into chiffon because it is a little bit lembik. For me it is too soft and melekap kat muka. I don't know maybe Im not good in wearing chiffon. But other girls look so fabolous wearing this chiffon range. But its your money anyway, its your decision to decide what material you wanna buy.
Chiffon in Yoghurt
The other material that is easily shape is mixed crepe. But I don't like the material because it is too thick I think. Tak suka sangat jenis tebal takut bila lilit jadi segumpal kat leher lol. But it is 100% cannot be seen through. 100% sure no inner needed. But again, its your money kan hehe.
Mixed crepe in candy Apple
Another one is Fluff. Fluff is RM150 and I don't know why it is extra expensive. Because for me, it is not worth my money! I think Matte Satin Silk and Satin Silk are wayyyyy worth your money. I don't know why but I think it just a normal scarves like wide shawl zaman dulu dulu famous tu. Not worth it kot. So ringan tak rasa macam pakai shawl. Tapi up to you la sebab ada orang suka sangat pakai fluff tu. But for me, that material is not worth my money. Lol
Fluff dUCk in Azurite
Thats all from me. I takde niat nak condemn it just my humble opinion.  I hope this helps. dUCk has a special place in my heart ❤ Thank you for reading this entry. Can I ask you a favour?  Could you please leave your comment in the chat box right here.  Cause I would like to know whether someone has read my post.

Have a nice day!


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  1. I cannot afford to buy this scarf. Huhuhuu

    1. Hi dear. Maybe not now but InshaAllah one day you can :) Dont worry it just a normal scarf. orang beli pun sebab minat dengan brand ni je hehe

  2. memang cantik duck scarf nie, cuma harga tak mampu milik. hahhaha :D

    1. Yang Limited edition (printed) tu mmg tak dapat dinafikan, memang cantik. Yg premium (plain) biasa biasa je just a brand je. Tapi tulah limited edition mahal gila. Kita yg student memang tak mampu haha

  3. Yes yes! Duck has special place in my heart too 😍 Premium scarf paling best adalah Matte Satin Silk. Sep sikit 😁 Samalah, I also think fluff is not worth the money. Tapi color fluff lawa2. Hihi.

    I've blog about MSS. Below is the link. Feel free to visit :)


  4. Hi, i'm thinking of buying a duck but so many people said if you start buying one, you'll be addicted to buy more hahaha

    1. Yes dear, Im now addicted. Bila material yang I suka tu keluar colour baru, rasa nak beli tu membuak buak hahah

  5. I baru nak berjinak2 dgn duck scarf..so i wanna ask u .. muka i bulat n i jenis xpndai nk lilit shawl sgt..skg ni confius nk beli matte silk @ chiffon..I need ur opinion..tq

  6. I baru nak berjinak2 dgn duck scarf..so i wanna ask u .. muka i bulat n i jenis xpndai nk lilit shawl sgt..skg ni confius nk beli matte silk @ chiffon..I need ur opinion..tq

    1. Hi dear! I suggest you ambik matte satin silk (MSS). Jangan ambik chiffon sebab 1 ada 1 chiffon. Dia lembik taw. nanti muka nampak lagi bulat. MSS tu memang sesuai. Dia nampak exclusive, senang bentuk, flowy and tak lembik tak keras. Just nice.

  7. Thank you for your informative opinion... I really enjoy reading it, and I'm going to buy one and was torn between mss or ss, now I'll definetly buy mss as my firs duckscarves ever! Again, thanks!

    1. Welcome! Aww happy to hear that. Please share with me which colour do you buy! hehe

  8. Hi,can i ask ur opinion for which one to buy?generally,i dont like yg licin and the ones require to pin,i just like to wear pinless and turbans je,so which is best?

    1. Hi dear. In my opinion, I think the best material that suit with your style, pinless or turbans and all that, is FLUFF. But if you would like to go to the store, you can always ask the salesperson there. But if you want to buy online, I think FLUFF material suits you well :)

  9. Hi
    Thanks for the useful information. I never try duck scarves but thinking to. We have similar preference when buying scarve "tak jarang and no inner needed". insha Allah will try duck scarf. Take care

  10. Hi I'm enjoying your blog. Btw, do you think the quality of dUck scarves is kena dengan price nya. Because I memang pasang niat nak purchase dUck scarf cause their scarves So pretty and look so exclusive and yet look high quality. I'm planning to purchase on new scarf 'You Got This'

    1. Hi dear. Thank you. In my opinion, there is certain plain range yang berbaloi untuk beli for example matte satin silk. But ada certain range yang kurang/tak berbaloi contoh fluff. Berbaloi means kualiti bagus dan kena dengan harga. Kualiti dari segi jahitan, material, tahan peluh ke tak dan sebagainya. Kalau printed pulak, ada design yang berbaloi untuk beli dengan harga 200-350 tu. Tapi my honest opinion, You Got This collection is not worth to buy because I say it was design malas. too simple. Dulu dulu banyak lagi design lawa from duck yang worth to purchase. This is my humble opinion. You can purchase if you want. The material of the kain which is satin silk is very good, but not the design. For me, it's a NEXT :)

  11. Hi hi, memang betul. Fluff memang tak worth it. Bought it online and menyesallll haha

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