Honest Review: dUCkcosmetics and Nita Cosmetics

Yeayyy my pink box has safely arrived! Although it is not the month of October and I only buy two things, FashionValet still give me the pink box! Didn't expecting that at all. The box is cute I loveeee to keep it. Plus its pink! My favourite colour 
Image from Vivy Yusof instagram

Image from Vivy Yusof instagram
Anyway Im so excited when dUCk cosmetics launch new lip gloss that has no shinning. Yes it is Glossip Girl. I never had an intention to buy their makeup especially lip gloss cause I think it got nothing special. But when they release the new colour with no shine, I can't resist to buy! Lol. What has stopped me from buying is because it has shimmering and shine. I don't like that. 

So when I went to their makeup store, I tried the lip gloss and it doesn't make my lips drying. So I guess the formula is good for me. For your information, I have a very very very sensitive lips which is always dry regardless whatever types of lipbalm or lipcare or lipscrub I used. 

If you can find a review, among these three lips range; Glossip Girl Lip Gloss (lip gloss), Matte Decisions Lip Cream (lipmatte cream) and LipstickWitU Lipstick (matte lipstick), most people said their lip gloss is not bad while another two (lipmatte cream and matte lipstick) are not really worth to buy. Just because not so many people like wearing lip gloss, hence it makes lip gloss is not really famous compared to matte lipstick and lipcream. Am I right? 

While for Nita Cosmetics, I have been wanted to try these for so long since Vivy Yusof keep on wearing it as her lip makeup. I wanted to try because she said Nita liquid lipstick doesn't make her lips drying. Actually my plan is just want to buy the glossip girl lip gloss but I accidentally clicked on the Nita Cosmetic's brand (yeahh right!). And then I saw Nita Cosmetics is having sale now. From RM69 to RM48 after sale so I think why not! Taraaa done add to cart! 

So basically I would like to give my honest review on these two lips products from two different brands but both brands are from FashionValet. Im going to start with Glossip Girl Lip Gloss (lip gloss) first.

1. dUCk Cosmetics - Glossip Girl Lip Gloss

   Net price: RM 60
Shade: Sweet Lola (Nude colour)
Formulation: Non shinning

I have to say that I love the formulation of this lip gloss. It doesn't make my lips dry at all. And the colour is very very very nice! Nude colour lipstick is my favourite! No doubt. That's the reason why I bought this Sweet Lola. Besides that, it glides smoothly and non sticky at all. Trust me, it doesn't sticky that makes you feel uncomfortable and annoyed. Yeah its very good.

However, for the packaging I think it sooo extra. Like you don't need that empty empty space. Doesn't necessary at all. Maybe they wanted to be different than other lipstick brands so thats why they came out with that kind of packaging. I can be wrong, it just my thought. But for me, I don't like it. 

Image from dUCk cosmetics instagram
Next, the container of the lipstick does not really amaze me. I expecting something else, maybe more unique and nice? I don't know. Turned out it just a normal and simple container. Its okay it still can be improved. 

But overall, it still a good lip gloss to me. It is the formulation and shades colour that most important. But still, for the price RM60, Im expecting the packaging and container of the lipstick together with the applicator would be better than this. Otherwise please reduce the price to be below RM60 (Lol! That's not gonna happen!). 

2.  Nita Cosmetics - Matte Liquid Lipstick

Image from Nita cosmetics instagram
Net price: RM 69
Sale price: RM 48
Shade: Songket in Brown 

I honestly feel that this matte liquid lipstick from Nita Cosmetics is one of the best liquid lipstick I ever had. This is because I have sensitive and dry lips, so it is hard for me to get the good matte liquid lipstick that won't dry my lips. Surprisingly this matte liquid lipstick from Nita doesn't make my lips dry! I have tested for about 5 hours of wearing it and my lip is not drying! Im so impressed on how it could moisturize my lips. My decision to buy this liquid lipstick was right! Alhamdulillah. 

I love the way how it glides smoothly onto my lips. And I love the colour. If you look at the description, it stated as "Shade in Brown" when actually it is not brown! It is more to nude pink. But thats alright cause I still love this shade. Doesn't matter nude pink or nude brown as long as its nude colour!

Image from Nita cosmetics instagram
It is easy to remove too! You can wipe it easily and apply it after solat. The texture and formulation win heart! While for packaging, it has very simple yet nice packaging. I love the doodles at the packagin. Love that kind of art.

Image from Nita cosmetics instagram
However, in terms of price, it is a little bit expensive for me. RM 69 for such a small lipstick is so hard for me to accept. Hahaha Im broke! But just because I wanted to try that so bad and Nita got sale too, so I finally buy it. 

Other than that, Im quite disappointed when I saw the MFG (manufacturing) date on the liquid lipstick packaging. It is November 2016. Meaning that it has been a year since it is made! No wonder lah they are having sales, clearance sale to be specific. Ciskek. Hmmm Looks like I must try to finish this liquid lipstick as soon as possible.  

Overall, I love this matte liquid lipstick. It has nice nude colour and it doesn't dry my lips. But to repeat buying this lipstick, I don't think so. I don't think Im going to buy it again due to the price. Its quite high huhuhu. 

p/s: Too lazy to take a photo. All the images I took from instagram account



  1. omg they're all in my favorite shades.

  2. Hi salam singgah dan follow sini :)

    Btw jom join GA saya!


  3. so beautiful all the colours...

  4. I keep seeing people said Nita cosmetics liquid lipsticks is not drying, I will buy one in the future. Even ordinary bullet lipsticks dries out on my lips *sigh*


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