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Referring to the tittle of the entry, hari ini I nak share my first experience menghadiri interview to further my study at Master level (Sarjana).

I just graduated from degree Bachelor (Hons.) in Science Biology. Since kecil I memang teringin nak belajar tinggi tinggi. Kalau boleh sampai dapat title Dr kat depan memandangkan tak dapat nak jadi doktor, so dapat jadi doktor falsafah pun jadi lah kan haha. Masa tahun akhir degree I memang plan untuk sambung master. Tapi ada dua pilihan. Yang pertama master in science (applied biology) atau yang kedua MBA (master in business administration). Both I minat. Biology sebab I memang suka, memang subject favourite I sejak dulu and bidang ni I rasa enjoy sangat. Kena dengan jiwa I. Tapi MBA pun I suka, I minat and I sedar ada better carrier opportunities dalam MBA. I don't know why, I just feel that. So lepas habis belajar, I memang sangat dalam dilemma nak sambung master dalam bidang apa. Susah nak decide! Tak tipu taw. If and only if I ni genius memang I ambik both kot. Lama I fikir nak ambik mana satu. Tapi sebenarnya ayah cadangkan ambik MBA instead of Msc, then I decided to apply for MBA. I believed that this is the best for me, inshaAllah!

Maka bermula lah proses untuk apply MBA:

1. Beli no pin di BSN (no pin untuk sambung ke peringkat Sarjana (master) pada tahun 2016 ialah RM50.05)

2. Apply online at official website of postgraduate UiTM (ipsis UiTM). For your information, saya apply MBA di UiTM, under faculty of Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School (AAGBS). You can google to find out more about this business school. (Google; Aagbs UiTM)

3. Write an autobiographical essay (basically an essay about ourselves that not more than 700 words. But i wrote until 800 words, tu pun kalau tak lebih taw sebenarnya. Lebih 900! Haha. I cannot cut down words anymore. Taktahu dah nak potong yang mana. Omg i just realized my weakness! This is my weakness!)

Oh btw, let me copy these from ipsis website;

  • Write an Autobiographical Essay not more than 700 words, typewritten on A 4 size paper, using word.
  • The essay is basically about yourself.
  • It should tell us about you and essentially what you would want the reader to know about yourself.
  • The essay could focus on your personal life, your background, your achievements, accomplishments or on your experiences.
  • Nobody knows you better than yourseft, so tell the readers all that you would want them to know about you.
  • How well you’ll do this, depends on your ideas and your writing skills.

Essay tu pasal diri kita, achievement, experience. And I also why we want to embark on MBA. Yang penting flow dia tu senang examiner atau someone incharged nak faham (ceh macam lah diri ni hebat sangat padahal my essay pun tunggang terbalik)

4. And the final step is to submit the printed online application, autobiographical essay, and other related things such as photocopy of IC, transcript, and so on to the faculty (hard copy).

5. Then you just wait to be called for the interview

In my case, Alhamdulillah I have been called for the interview. At that time I am so nervous because I have never been to any interview before. Even masa apply for internship pun takde kena interview. Since this is my very first time, so nervous takut semua ada.

Bila dapat tahu dapat panggilan temuduga tu, ayah pesan banyakkan membaca newspaper yang related dengan business (The Edge, Focus, Star and so on). Tapi I always postponed and takde rasa nak baca. Fyi, tarikh dapat email dengan tarikh interview tu jaraknya hanya seminggu. Yes one week only! Haha. Sampai lah tiba hari interview, rasa menyesal sebab tak baca all those things. Please jangna ikut perangai I.

On the interview day, I wear baju kurung (macam biasa lah, formal) and sandal. Better pakai kasut bertutup! My bad masa tu tak terfikir, nasib tak kena tegur. Sebab ada one student ni tapi kat bilik interview lain kena tegur taw. For not wearing kasut bertutup. Pheww

First first sampai, ada REGISTRATION counter, kena register. Lepastu tengok ramainya orang my god. Then tetiba sorang staff ni cakap "adik, pergi bilik sekian sekian, kena buat test dulu ye"
Ada TEST! Yes, English Test! Ingatkan terus pergi bilik interview. Alamak dah la tak prepare sangat, pen pun nasib lah ada bawak sebatang. So tolong lah ye lepas ni kalau pergi memana at least bawa lah one pen. Senang nanti tetiba kena buat itu ini, kita ada jugak pen boleh menulis. For test tu, jawab je lah nak taknak kena lah jawab sebab test tu dia akan collect untuk bagi kepada interviewers. Test dia senang je, dia bagi articles then suruh kita olahkan balik pasal article tu. Just do your best!

After test baru lah pergi bilik interview. Tunggu kat luar sampai lah nama kena panggil. ALHAMDULILLAH interview ended very well. There were two interviewers. Both of them are academician at AAGBS.

Soalan dia tanya pun senang je. Tak susah. Macam sembang sembang je (betul ayah cakap). Dia cuma tanya;

1. Introduce yorself
2. What is the current issue that you concerned
3. Why you choose to further MBA instead of taking master in biology
4. If you're selected, how u will obtain the financial sources since this course is very pack and you're not allowed to have a part time job.

The rest they just explained about MBA in AAGBS, Before the interview session end, I did ask them two questions (buat syarat je la tanya ni, nampak sikit macam kita ni betul betul interested).

For your information, MBA ni duration course dia:
*MBA: Full time - 1 year (Fast track Modular programme)
*Evening track MBA: Part time - 1 and half year (must have 1 year working experience)
*Executive MBA (EMBA): Part time - 2 years (must have at least 3 years working experience)

Kat sini I rasa I nak share autobiographical essay (before tu Im sorry ye yang essay I bukan lah tahap yang memberangsangkan, gramatical error sana sini, ayat yang taksedap and tak bagus mana tapi I did ny best I can). Korang boleh google untuk contoh contoh autobiographical essay yang lain :)

My name is (insert name) and I was born in (insert date). I was raised in Shah Alam, Selangor. My family consist of my father, mother, and siblings. I had done my school at (insert school). I got 9As and 7As for PMR (20**) and SPM (20**) respectively. After SPM, I studied at (insert place) for one year in the science stream. I was graduated in Bachelor of (insert course) (Hons) from Universiti (insert name of university). During my study, I did my final year project specifically in biochemistry under the supervision of Assoc. Prof Dr. (insert SV's name), that she is currently a Deputy Dean of Academic Affair of Faculty of Applied Science. My thesis title is “insert title”. Currently I am working as a part time store sales assistant at ******* in ******* since August 2016. I also have experienced working as a substitute teacher for three months at *******. I completed my industrial training at clinical laboratory of (insert place of internship).

During my degree, I have joined several field trips under Biosmarteam Club, such as Mengenali dan Mengenalpasti Burung programme, study the behaviour of gaur and elephant in Pahang, and also went to the Ceamacs in USM Penang. Besides that, I also joined few entrepreneur and business-related programmes under MASMED of UiTM Shah Alam. For examples are Programme Latihan Keusahawanan Mahasiswa (PLKM), website development, Online Business Springboard (OBS), PLKM Idea to Invest (PLKM i2i) and many more. Other than that, I also joined programmes such program amal rumah anak yatim and colour run. I also handled few programmes such as brain awareness campaign in the faculty level. For non-academic activities such as class trip, I usually was given responsibility to manage those programmes. Through all these programmes, I gained so many experiences in handling and managing things. Moreover, I love to build the networking with other participants on each programme. I find myself quite friendly as I am an easy going person. I can adapt to the new environment of new people so quick.
Three years in degree in science, I learned to cope with the pressure being work in laboratory environment. Learning and carrying out work in the field of science has trained me to keep focus in any task I conducted. I have to always alert and particular with the work as a small mistake will affect the experiment or task undertaken. I also learned not to succumb easily in order to obtain those results. Besides that, I have a leadership personality. I always interested in organizing and leading a team in any project basis. I tend to volunteer to lead my team in many things. Other than that, I am a deadline person. I never late in attend the classes. I also submitted my works and assignment on time. I used to be called as an efficient person by my group members and friends. In addition, I am very energetic and focus with tasks that I responsible to it. In most of the assignments or projects that been assigned to me and my team members, I will definitely make sure that we can deliver or achieve the results efficiently.
I am a determine person as I will make sure that I get everything I want. During my degree life, I have been doing business online on and off. I usually sell something if I wish to buy things I wanted. In many times, it just a temporary, as I will stop selling when what I want have been fulfilled. I have been hoping and planning to pursue an MBA since before finishing my degree. I would love to have my own business company in the future. With the critical skills and knowledge I will gain through MBA programme, I will make it as preparation to start my own business. I aspire to become rich and always wanted for helping those people in need. I am excited to make that dream becomes a reality. One of my idols in this field is Vivy Yusof, the co-founder of Fashion Valet and the dUCk group. I have been following and adore her since two years ago. I want to pursue MBA because I know MBA will give me better career opportunities for my future. I personally think MBA has advantage in obtaining and holding a high-level management position. It is good that I can secure my position in any companies if I have MBA qualification. Besides that, I also want to enhance my leadership and management skill and apply those skills in my carrier.
Moreover, I always wanted to have great networking with people. I believed that MBA programme will give me better networking opportunities as AAGBS will provide a great base to meet people from various background and experiences. For me, great connection with many people will help me whenever I need them later. I know that Arshad Ayub Graduate Business SchooI (AAGBS) will become a good platform for me to grab as many business knowledge needed. I believed that by enhancing my knowledge of business, it can provide me with an excellent introduction to the business world. I hope that successful people around me could boost my motivation to keep going on achieving my goals. With all the opportunities given, I will make sure that I am not going to give up easily.

So for the conclusion, jangan risau sangat sebab ada Aunty ni cakap selalunya dia takkan tanya soalan susah susah untuk orang yang nak sambung belajar. Mestilah dorang nak lagi memudahkan kita :) Last but not least, for those yang nak sambung MBA atau apa apa course sekalipun, all the best i wish for you guys!


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  1. hi, thank you for the experience. mmg membantu. tapi saya nak tanya mengenai original document yg perlu di bawak time iv tu, boleh kongsi tak apa yang awak bawak time pergi iv master tu? thank you :)

  2. hye awak, saya pon tgah plan nak sambung dalam MBA kat uitm shah alam, awak buat full time ye. saya plan untuk part time sebab saya bekerja..

    1. Hi, I pun insyaAllah akan submit my EMBA application for this coming intake Sept 2018

    2. I also have apply for postgraduates studies in Uitm Shah Alam for September 2018 intake. Next week, I'll attend the interview. Wish me luck guys!

  3. thank you for your sharing. Sangat membantu!


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