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It's been a long time since my last entry. Almost forgot my password for this account hahaha!

Three years back, I still remember I got an offer to pursue my degree in UiTM. After matriculation, I continue my study for Bachelor (Hons.) Science Biology in Shah Alam. To start my first semester there, actually there were so many stories hidden behind, that will remain in my memories forever.

First of all. I nak minta maaf cause I will mix with bahasa since i am not good in English. Poor me...
Tak boleh nak cerita semua sebab banyak sangat benda nak cerita satu satu selama 3 tahun in UiTM. so kinda make a summary je lah ye :D So my course is Bachelor (Hons.) Science Biology from the Faculty of Applied Science ataupun nama lainnya ialah Fakulti Sains Gunaan (FSG). Basically my faculty was located near to the Bangunan Menara Saas of UiTM Shah Alam (one of the oldest building built in UiTM). Also near with Dewan Sri Budiman (DSB) and also library PTAR 1 (Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak 1)

This course mengambil masa selama 3 tahun (6 semester). I started my first semester in September 2013. So now on August 2016 I am officially finished my studies here. Sepanjang 3 tahun kat sini, too many memories yang tersimpan in my mind. The best thing in degree life that ever happened to me is my awesome classmates! Which is AS201 classmates. My course student tak ramai. So bilangan we all sangat sikit compare to other courses. 31 students only in my batch for this biology course. So the bonding is quite good especially at the end journey (final year) which in semester 5 and semster 6.

Macam biasa lah lelaki selalunya tak suka subjek Biology. So in our class, we only have 3 boys (minority). They survived very well with 28 girls haha. Bravo guys! Deeply, honestly I really love my classmates. Especially during our hard time in final year. We have each other's back. We support each other and we pray for each other. I am so thankful for that. For summary, ( I couldn't remember much) we've been to

1. Cameron Highland in first semester. Actually we need to do an assignment for Biodiversity subject but we enjoyed the trip more than performing the task. We went there for 2 days and 1 night, by bus. 

2. Penang at Ceamacs Island (Island specialized for research purposes) at the very very end of Pulau Pinang. From Shah Alam to Taman Negara Pulau Pinang by bus. And then using a boat we continue the journey to Caemacs, passing through the Monkey Island. In Penang we also need to do an assignment for Ecology subject in semester 3. We look for turtle (endangered species), population of snails in one of the river and many more. I cannot remember.

Morning view on the boat

3. In semester 6, under Animal Behaviour subject (the lecturer is one of my favourite lecturer, Assoc. Prof Dr. Harrinder Rai Singh. Actually my friends' favourite lecturer too) We went to Elephant Conservation Centre in Kuala Gandah and Gaur Conservation Centre in Jenderak Selatan, both were located in Pahang. The purpose of this trip is to conduct an assignment related with elephants and gaur (seladang). 

4. Class trip to Port Dickson. Stayed in an appartment at Bayu Beach Resort. Having bbq and sharing session with classmates.

5. MPG (malam pra graduan)/Pre Grad Dinner and dinner Kelab Biosmarteam

And many more. I couldn't list out one by one. Having fun together for 3 years was so amazing. Glad to know them. My classmates were quite special. As we only come from either Selangor or Sabah. One from Sarawak. And thats all. Half from selangor and half from sabah. Senang la nak jalan jalan Sabah nanti sebab almost semua tempat diorang ada. Sandakan, Kota Kinabalu, Labuan, apa lagi ya. I cannot remember. While Sarawak is Kuching. 



  1. Bila baca pasal MBA terperasan science biology. Gosh I akan sambung degree bulan 9 ni course AS201 jugak haha. Nervous ada excited pun ada.

    1. Wow goodluck then! Hehe. Nanti join fb page ni k "program biologi (as201) uitm shah alam" memang untuk student AS201. And kalau nak buku feel free to contact me. Tapi tak semua buku ada. Banyak jgk dah jual kat junior ;)


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