How to be strong?

Was writing up my proposal that the deadline is next week
Suddenly I feel like crying
 I stopped for awhile and log in to this blog.....
The biggest challenge I ever had so far is about writing up the proposal
So stressful, so tough to deal with all the things related with proposal
I was just motivated after the result came out
But now, this thing demotivate me
Sometimes I wish I could turn back time
Some people around me, contributes too, to this pressure
As for now, it's unavoidable
I really hate this situation. I never felt like this bad
But.... I have to be strong. I have to keep going. I have to finish what i have started

My late night thought. At this hour, Im so demotivated. I feel weak. I feel the pressure. I feel the pain. Im so stress. Im so overthinking that affect my period cycle, that cause body ache, head ache, that take my appetite away. I don't want to tell to anybody so this has become my medium to express my feelings

Sometimes I feel like why I took this course at the first place? Why why
To be honest, I do felt like to quit
But thinking of my parents, they have sacrificed everything
They even don't let me to pinjam with PTPTN
They sponsored my studies even during my degree year
I don't have a heart to mention the word QUIT as it would break their hearts, will make them worried so much. I have to pretend that Im okay when actually Im not
I am literally crying while Im typing this
I will keep on going until the end, no matter what

Ya Allah, please help me. Please forgive me.

Ya Allah. Semoga dijauhkan daripada rasa berputus asa. Aminnnnn



  1. awak boleh buat, sekejap je tu , banyakkan doa keyh...biasalah tu permainan perasaan, nanti once u finish everythings, this hard time will become ur sweetest memories....ure strong enough to face this darl, ganbatte !!! may ALLAH bless ur journey !

    1. Thank you dear :) really appreciate these kind of words

  2. Hi! I’m mira, I want to further my study but I’m kinda nervous & I find your blog so helpful. Can you email me bcs I have TONS to ask you about MBA at AAGBS. Here’s my email Thanks awak!


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