The power of Doa

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah! Syukur kepada Allah

Dua hari lepas result exam keluar. Alhamdullilah I passed all the subjects. Alhamdulillah! Result tu I tak expect langsung. I memang target untuk passed je. Tapi Alhamdulillah its beyond my expectation. Tak sangka. Happy sangat sangat. Syukur

Every SALAM dari UiTM ni memang nervous gila. Since degree lagi. Usually I memang takkan check on time. Dia punya cuak tu sampai I off notification kat gmail. Sebab I taknak tahu email dah masuk ke belum. Lol. Oh for those yang blur and confused tu, SALAM.SIMS ni adalah email yang akan hantar result every semester dekat semua student UiTM! So UiTM students memang takut lah dengan SALAM yang ni. Takut nak sambut salam dia hahaha! 

But this time around rasa nervous tu lebih sikit sebab tak tahu expectation lecturers macam mana. I mean like jawapan yang I jawab time exam, the short and long essay, the tests, assignments and so on tu memuaskan hati lecturers business ke tak. Cause I don't know macam mana diorang expect untuk students tu jawab. First yes cause it is master program and clearly im not a business background student, so I taktahu macam mana yang diorang nak. I risau if all that I did is not what they wanted. But Alhamdulillah I managed to do that (as for now). Longggg wayyyy to go.  
I hope I can do it better next time. Hopefully this result could be maintained and improved! #salamuitm #mba #5down9togo

Actually this post is not to highlight about my result received two days ago. Tu just mukaddimah. Gituuu. I personally feel all these happened because of doa that I received from my surrounding. I don't know. I always had this feeling. I never ever really proud with my effort. I know effort contributes to what I got right now. But I always feel that major contribution is from the doa doa yang I received from my beloved ones! 

You know, your parents, family, close friends and anyone yang mendoakan. Its the power of doa you know.  Every semester I akan paksa my very close friends and bestfriends to doa for meI. Cause I always got certain subjects yang I tak confident untuk passed. Its like Im begging them to doa for me. Number 1 are my parents, opah, atok and nenek, families, of course. So these close friends and best friends are number 2. I mesti akan paksa yang akan cakap "doakan aku! Doakan aku sekarang! So dorang akan doakan time tu jugak. Haha. And then I akan cakap okay jangan lupa aku dalam solat korang. 

Yang ketiga, it is from my part. I takkan lupa doakan kawan kawan yang dalam perjuangan yang sama or like classmates! I takkan tinggalkan doa untuk my classmates I. My doa would be like nak semua pass, grad on time sama sama. No one will repeat, and no one will failed all the subjects. This is what I want to share with you guys. Jangan kedekut untuk doakan orang lain. If kita doakan untuk orang lain, semua doa doa yang baik tu akan reflect dekat kita jugak. Kita pun akan dapat tempias in a good way. 

Dulu dulu masa sekolah and matriks, I akan doa untuk diri sendiri je. I tak pernah doakan untuk kawan kawan or even classmates. Masa tu macam takde kesedaran lagi. But one day, I read something that the article said about kelebihan kita mendoakan untuk orang lain. Sejak haritu I tak lupa doa untuk kawan kawan I sekali. Especially my classmates lah sebab we're in this journey together. My point is, kita jangan kedekut nak doakan untuk orang lain. Maybe we have this feeling that if kita doakan untuk orang lain, macam mana kalau orang tu je berjaya. Tapi kita tak? Maybe once kita ada terfikir benda tu. Tapi, jangan! Cepat cepat buang perasaan tu. Tu semua kerja syaitooon. Jangan kedekut. Konsep dia macam kita bagi and share ilmu kat orang lah. Lagi banyak kita bagi, lagi banyak kita dapat. Benda tu takkan hilang bila kita bagi. Am I right?

Trust me. You will feel the difference. Cause I dah rasa. I nak share this one tips for you. When the results about to come out, you ask your classmates untuk doakan semua orang supaya dapat good results. Let say if your class got 20 studens including you, so these 19 friends and you will pray for each other. Tahu tak, dalam ramai ramai tu, akan ada beberapa orang yang doanya senang and cepat dimakbulkan. Akan ada orang yang doanya paling mudah untuk diangkat ke langit, untuk Allah makbulkan. So bila lagi ramai yang doakan, inshaAllah apa yang you guys hajat tu akan jadi kenyataan. This can be applied in anything that you wish Allah makbulkan, not just examination results je. 

Another one, I have a habit of posting something that will make people automatically make a doa for me. Like for example, recently for my result, I sangat nervous and cuak. So I made one post in my instagram story. In that post I said "Semoga result exam semester 1 (insert my full name) baik baik je. Takde failed and takde repeat mana mana paper. Aminnnn" So trick is, when someone is reading that post, automatically they made a doa for you. I don't have many followers on instagram, but usually when I post something in insta story, the viewers are about 100++ so can you imagine, about 100 people are actually read that post and have made a doa for you. Did you know that if so many people said that and it could turn out as doa? Im sure you guys know abou that very well :)

Kita dah usaha. Usaha tu penting. Sebab effort never betray. And then kita dah doa. Doa untuk diri sendiri dan kawan kawan. Ask doa from our beloved ones, parents, family and close friends. And try buat cara macam tu (post something in social media so that people will read). Because it works for me. Alhamdulillah I bersyukur dengan apa yang I dapat sekarang ni. It is important to have doa from surrounding. Doa dari diri sendiri je is not enough. Cause we never know apakah penghalang kepada doa kita. So thats why we need other people to make doa for us too. Because Allah is always there to listen to us. And lastly, you need to tawakkal. 

Last but not least, thank you untuk semua yang mendoakan (family, close friends and anyone who did that. You know who you are). I feel blessed. I hope this post gives you some input. Tak banyak tapi sikit pun jadi lah ye. Goodluck in everything you guys do. May Allah ease everything!

Anyway congrats for those yang dapat result cemerlang. Yang kurang sikit tu, don't worry and don't be sad for too long. There will always a room for improvement. Its okay to fall down, but don't forget to get up. Fall seven times, stand up eight! Jangan give up, jangan mengalah! Muhasabah diri, tingkatkan usaha. Work smart, study smart and pray hard! Doa is soooo powerful cause it will change everything! Have faith! I know you can do it! ;)

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