Challenges: MBA - Research Proposal

Bila orang tanya "susah tak sambung MBA ni?" hmm cemana ye nak cakap...
First of all, semua benda susah. Takde apa yang senang dalam dunia ni even when you take Diploma sekalipun. Setiap level and setiap course ada tahap kesukarannya.

So as for now, for this five months journey, the biggest challenge I had so far in this journey is in completing the research proposal....

Cerita dia macam ni. This semester we need to make a proposal for the applied business research. So we need to find a company and offer them our FREE SERVICE as a business consultant. Its a free service of course since we are students and still learning, so no need to pay to us cause we are not that pro. Its actually a win win situation.

First, it is good for the company because we (students of MBA from AAGBS) will ask their major concern for their business (for example the sales revenue of the company is increasing but their profit is maintained or decreasing so why this is happened, or a problem regarding their employees' performance or inventory problem etc etc.).

So we will do some research according to their concern or problem. We will help them to overcome their problem by suggesting or recommending a solution after we did the research within this two semesters. All the findings and related data will be shared among them too.

Secondly it is good for us as a student cause the cooperation from the company will make us perform better in our research proposal, hence get a good grade for this subject. That is why I said it is a win win situation cause both parties will get the benefits. In scientific biology terms, it can also be called as mutualism! Hehe flashback my biology I learned during semester 1 of my degree lol

After lots and lots of trying, calling and submit the official letter as well as the proposal to many companies, finally we successfully lock one company (one of the famous Muslimah boutique in Seksyen 7 Shah Alam) to conduct our research. The representative of the company, Encik Z, decided to meet us.

So during the first meeting, he, which also one of the manager for that company has agreed to be part of our research proposal. He also agreed to give a coorperation in giving an information when needed. Since their issue is about marketing, so the information or data we might need to have is not a financial and private data. We also do respect their PnC data.

After successfully find a company, we look for an advisor, and found our advisor from the marketing line. And we did follow up and meeting with Encik Z few times before we proceed to start writing our proposal. And we proceed with the proposal of chapter 1, 2 and 3 and also done with proposal defense. Presenting the chapter 1, 2 and 3.

The thing is, all of sudden just right after presenting chapter 1, 2 and 3 we received a whatsapp from Encik Z, the representative of that company, which he said that they have to decline us. Yes, decline us due to few problems from their party that I am too lazy to mention here. We did negotiate with him to reconsider our request but he did not respons!

Its okay Ive moved on at first, but I just knew that other groups from other class is doing that company for the applied bussiness research. The company aggreed to these students after few weeks they been rejecting removing and declining us! So that is why lah for now I cannot and I will not buying any products from them anymore (previously i am one of their supporters for muslimah clothing, but for the time being, I cannot. It hurts you know)

Dugaan from Allah. He tested us. Sigh. Astaghfirullah. We then find another new company. And since their major concern is not about marketing, so we need to find another advisor that has expertise in this field, which our area to study now is opearating management.

We need to start everything all over again you know! You faham kan apa perasaan kiteorang? Reading journals journals journals to complete chapter 1, 2 and 3. Especially chapter 2 (literature review) It does need lots of efforts and times to read. We have poured all of our heart preparing the proposal report of the previous company. Company tak jadi tulah. But now? This is really testing me. Mentally breakdown. Mungkin company tu is not the best for us, for our thesis. Who knows kan? Ye lah we plan, and Allah plan too. But Allah is the best planner. Wahai hati, trust Allah. Ya Allah semoga semua ni ada hikmahnya...... Korang doakan ye.


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  1. wish u good luck in your study :-) suka tgk org rajin further study ni

    1. Thank youuuuu! Goodluck jugak untuk bisness awak hehe. Semoga sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki. Amin

  2. Kejamnya! Tak patut buat macam tu. Ada kaitan orang dalam kot. Apapun semoga tabah okay. Allah kan ada :)


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