Managerial Accounting, done!

Alhamdulillah selesai lagi satu subjek untuk bulan July, which is managerial accounting. Alhamdulillah 5 downs, 8 to go! Basically programme MBA ni is a modular program. So one month one subject. Every month akan ada assignment, test, project, presentation and last but not least final exam. So settled final paper, means settled lah subject tu. I started on March, so I have completed 5 subjects. But not 100% complete actually because the result is yet to come out. This month keluar lah result tu. Nervous oii! #doayangbaikbaik okay :)

These are the subjects yang dah settled (with all tests, assignments, projects, presentation and final). Hopefully the results are good too! 
  1. Organizational Behaviour; done!
  2. Business Research Method; done!
  3. Economic Analysis; done!
  4. Human Resource Management; done!
  5. Managerial Accounting; done!
Subjects that have not done yet are:
  1. Marketing Management
  2. Information Technology Management
  3. Managerial Finance
  4. Operations Management
  5. Strategic Management
  6. Managerial Decision Analysis
  7. Global Business Issue
Except for these two, it is not included in modular/month. Because these are on-going research course, meaning that sentiasa onz no matter what month you're in. Just need to follow the deadlines. Tips dia kena always up to date with all the deadlines provided by faculty. Kalau terlepas naiya!
  1. Applied Business Research I 
  2. Applied Business Research II

So for this July 2017, we need to take managerial accounting subject (ACC 720). This subject is basics in accounting. This one is special for MBA students. Bukan accounting for student account tu ye. Tu memang tak lah. Ok yang ni kalau budak pure account tengok mesti diorang cakap eleh kacang je ni! Haha.

At the first week of July memang nervousnya bila fikir subjek account ni. Managerial account? Haa apa tu mesti ada calculation. Matilanak I paling lemah bab calculation. Dulu degree biology mana ada calculation sangat pun. Paling paling pun subject biostatistics. Ada calculation pun dekat subject minor macam finance atau OPM. Dulu degree ambik subjek bisness tapi takde pun ambik subject accounting ni. Memang takut, rasa risau sangat.

Tapi at the same time tak risau sangat sebab my classmates are soooo cool sebab setiap assignment especially yang ada part calculation mesti akan buat assignments together! Dekat library! Macam subject economy bulan May haritu. My classmates are from different background. Ada yang dulu degree in finance, degree in international business, degree in science policy, degree in human resource, degree in actuarial sciece, degree in marketing, degree in retail management dan lain lain.

Paling special I lah, degree in science biology. Memang jauh nawww lari bidang haha. What im trying to say is that my classmates are very supportive and we do help each other. So join je discussion kat library. Mesti ada dorang punya. Kadang tu tak lah semua ada, tapi mesti ada discussion. Discussion helps a lot, you know

Mula mula I have mixed feeling about this subject sebab yelah kan, zero knowledge kot. Tak pernah belajar. But I have to face it no matter what. And then after a month belajar, I found that this is an interesting subject! Now I have some knowledge about accounting walaupun tak pro and hebat macam the real account students and the real accountants out there!

Now I know few things such as how to flex the budget, how to prepare and plan the budget, how to determine the standard cost so that we can compare our cost is it suitable and reasonable, so that our business will be good. And also how to decide if one of our store is making a loss. So should we continue or tutup je kedai, how to analyze financial statement, the profitability, liquidity, solvency and all that, how to determine the break even, meaning that what is the minimum price and quantity we need to sell in order to avoid loses (no profit but not loss) and banyakkkk lagi.

These are all new to me. All the terms are quite new for me, but I really love it. I love how I gained these new knowledge! But the calculations are quite pening. I don't think I will work in accounting department in future. Thats good enough for me to have basic knowledge for accounting. Maybe sebab tu I rasa interesting untuk subject ni sebab I belajar basic je kot. Lol 

Andddd Alhamdulillah sangat sangat sebab lecturer yang ajar subject managerial accounting is veryyyyy lovelyyyyy she is soooo understanding and sweet! So baik! Beliau bukan lecturer business dari faculty I (AAGBS) but she's from accountancy punya faculty. She is the deputy director of research and networking,  from accounting research institute. She is Assoc. Prof Dr. Jamaliah Said! Suka sangat dia sangat lemah lembut. Office dia dekat level 12, menara SAAS, UiTM Shah Alam. 

The day we had an exam, the final one, she belanja us all makan makan kat ofis dia. Level 12, Menara SAAS. She ordered nasi ayam + udang sambal, lepastu ada banyak gila cake, kuih muih jangan cakap lah, biskut raya lagi, karipap semua ada. Ya Allah thankyou Dr. J, semoga murah rezeki Dr. Thank youuuu. So these are few pictures I would like to share with you guys. Alhamdulillah I hope that I will passed this subject! No B- cause minimum requirement to pass is B! Scary

Classmates I got three (3) boys only hahahaha. Dulu degree pun tiga ketul je kaum XY ni. Biasa lah kalau nak boys ramai ni pi kelas engineering kot. Confirm ramai especially mechanical engineering. Ok lah that's all from me. Thanks for reading my entry! Korang tolong doakan I passed this managerial accounting subject ya. Entah apa entah I jawab haritu.

Feel free to leave a comment! Take care :)

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  1. wah, rindu lak time zaman study dlu, economy haha mmg subject allergic dlu huhu, gud luck yer

    1. Thank you sis :) dulu sis study apa?

    2. dulu amek management je tp minor economy masa dip dlu, haha kes tu dh x nk amek dh masa degree haha..x leh masuk otak :-)

    3. I see.... Sama la ni pun simple simple je economic. Belajar best lah jugak kan tapi nak exam tu rasa macam sengsara haha

  2. Good Luck in your study. Adelia baru nak masuk deg in acc. Hope everything went well

    1. Wahhhh goodluck dear! Im sure you will be alright! Btw which uni you're in?

  3. pergh Master.. I cannot XD paling last pun sebulan lepas cemtu.. degree XD ahahahaha..

    macam pernah ambik ja manegerial accouting.. lupa dah.. O.O ke manegerial economy tah


    1. For me, dua dua tu susah kot. Yg penting bukan subjek favourite lah haha. BTW uni mana? Degree in apa dulu?

  4. hi salam sis, could you share with me the slides/notes of this subject ACC720? i will be taking this subject soon and i thought want to start reading the slide notes earlier. thank you in advance! <3

    my email :


    1. Sorry pecahan markah tak ingat. Tapi semuanya depends pada lecturers kot. Ataupun yang koordinator tetapkan. Ada presentation, assignments, test, quiz and final assessment.


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