Honest Review: Adora Triple Blends Oil

We know that argan oil is good for our skin, hair and many else right? Sekarang ni tetiba famous pula pasal argan oil. The popularity of Argan oil has exploded since the many amazing health benefits offered by this “miracle oil” have been made public. And then dah few companies jual produk argan oil ni. Ramai dah guna even brand lain lain, the functions are still the same. Termasuklah I, I pun tak terkecuali hehe. I wanted to feel how it works on my skin. Because kebanyakan produk yang I pakai (bukan argan oil), takde lah wow sangat effect tu (maybe I jenis tak sabar kot nak cepat je lol). Tapi tapi takde la breakout and bagi side effect. Alhamdulillah so far tak pernah kena lagi lah

But before tu, I want to let you know what is Argan Oil really is. After some reading, this is what I found: 
"Argan oil is produced using fruits of the argan tree that grows in the south western Morocco. It is a rare and precious that has been used as the natural beauty by the moroccon women for several hundred years. The oil is extracted from the kernel inside of the philip of the fruit"

Since sekarang ni banyak sangat sangat brand argan oil kat Malaysia, so I have to make the right decision. So that I can get both benefits and worth my money. For that, I've watched some videos and do a reading from the internet and things to consider before buying an Argan Oil. Its my nature, its my habit to always check and made a research, reading of the feedback and review from other users, finding the benefits and harms (if any) for the product or even seek opinions from friends. Maybe they got experiences or had heard anything about that particular products. I will consider everything before purchasing. I just wanted to make sure that what I bought is worth buying, in terms of price I will pick the lowest, at the same time maintained in the quality, and safe to use. 

So these are the most important things that we should consider before buying a bottle of argan oil:
1. The oil must be kept in dark, glass bottle. So kalau argan oil tu disimpan dalam kaca yang lutsinar or plastic, so it means tak bagus lah. Sebab tak menepati kriteria tu. Bottle must be dark in colour, sbb light boleh breakdowns the healing properties of argan oil. 
2. Pure argan oil is not cheap. Kalau dia cakap 100% pure tapi dia sangat lah murah, then it is not true. Too good to be true.
3. Has mild scent. Avoid beli argan oil yang ada strong smell and odourless. 
4. 100% pure argan oil should be smooth and silky, absorbing into hair and skin in just a few minutes.

The purpose of this post actually I want to give my honest feedback/review about this one brand; Adora Triple-blend Oil. Ok for your information, this product is not 100% pure argan oil. It is a mixed of three (3) amayyyyzinggg oil that each of them have their own benefits. 

It all started when I scrolled an instagram to look for testimony and feedback about argan oil from Mora Essential and the other brands. Cause I really wanted to try one. That's because I have kind of dry skin, so I wanted to test if this argan oil can works well to moisturize my skin. Oh ya I searched for this product because of my friend's suggestion. 

After that I found this one instafamous/artis that has been reviewing this product, Adora Triple-blend Oil. So when I click the business profile, I saw many feedbacks from the customers. And then, bermulah misi mencari segala info yang berkaitan. Sebab I tengok harga pun not bad. Maybe sebab dia mixed of three oils. Then I decided to try, sebab dia agak menapati ciri ciri yang I nak. So why not to give it a try kan. 

To make it short, attached here are the pictures of this product, the bottle and packaging.

Ok three oils itu adalah; Argan oil, Avocado oil, and Grape seed oil where all of these oils have its own benefits. As you can see, that's the benefits. You can always make your own reading to find an extra information regarding this ingredients. Btw, it can be used for your face, hair and even body! 

As for me, yang paling best is when dia ada apricot scent. MashaAllah bau dia sangat lah wangi, best sangat! Tenangggg je sebab sedap taw bau dia. Kalau tanya I guna produk ni untuk apa, of course lah the main purpose I bought this product is for face moisturizer. I akan pakai malam, before tidur (lepas mandi cleansing, toner, moisturizer. Before tidur I apply this serum-in-oil). I juga ada guna before pakai foundation. If that day Im using a liquid foundation, I will mix this oil with my foundation. If im using stick foundation, I will apply this oil first (after moisturizer and sunscreen). Tu jelah so far, I takde guna lagi dekat rambut and body hehe.

So I buat review ni after sebulan lebih  I pakai. So far, it turned out quite good. I takde breakout langsung, means no negative side effect. Alhamdulillah (breakout is not my main agenda to purchase this product). The main reason is, I want to moisturize my face. Suprisingly, with the moisturizer I used and this triple blend oil, it does make my face become more moisture, better than before. So I really really love it! Cause you know, dry skin is not good! Because dry skin ni buat aging process to become faster than those yang ada oily skin. So actually yg oily skin tu takyah risau taw, takyah risau pasal kedutan di muka haha. So that's why I really want to make my skin lembab selembab lembabnya, I taknak kedut cepaaaaat I baru 23!

I also can feel that my skin is getting better day by day, takde la flawless taw, tapi ok, I love the changing and the process. The pores are getting better too. And when I applied with foundation, my makeup is kinda last longer, it makes me glows gituuu. Yela sebab tak dry, so nampak la glowing sikit :D #perasan. Meaning that, ada improvement lah. I can feel it and I can see that. Oh one more thing, bila pakai dia memang absorb cepat kat skin kita taw. Ni tak tipu. Ni jujur habis ni. If according to instruction given, it mentioned for face, use 1 drop only. But due to the fact that this oil absorb tersangat lah cepat sampai rasa nak je pakai 2-3 drops lol.

So I want you guys to feel and experience the same! Jangan risau if korang ada oily skin. This oil serum it works for oily skin too! Kindly to remind you guys, the effect of the oil may not be the same. Some people maybe akan nampak perubahan or effect tu cepat and some people maybe lambat sikit, it can be in terms of time frame, the effectiveness and so on. Plus, harga dia berbaloi taw. RM40 include postage, and it is 65ml. So memang boleh tahan lama. 

If you guys want it too, you guys can easily found this product on instagram. Sebab agent diorang ramai. And if you want, you can contact me sebab I will suggest dekat this one seller. Service dia memang best, cepat and friendly. I dah beli 5 botol kat dia for me and my friends! If you're intereseted, leave me your email/phone number at the comment section below. I will straight away email/whatsapp you guys the details. Here I attached the pictures from their instagram.

Thank you guys for reading. Till next entry. Take care :)


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  1. hai sis! adora ni sesuai ke pkai waktu siang lepas cuci muka?

    1. Hi dear! Adora ni boleh pakai bila bila je. Kalau jenis oily pakai before tidur la. Macam kita, kita pakai before nak pakai foundation (siang) and malam before tidur


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