Honest Review: Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner

I have been looking for a makeup brush cleanser/cleaner that is affordable and reasonable, and good too. Then I found Daiso punya makeup brush cleaner! So in this entry, I would like to give my honest review about this brush cleaner. Before tu I ada lah jumpa beberapa brush cleanser dekat IG, banyak juga lah. But for me, a lil bit pricey. RM25 and above. If below pun, it is very small. Macam not worth it. And I also watched few tutorials video on youtube untuk guna sabun baby johnson je. I have try it. But its not really work on my brushes to clean very well.

So after search and baca reviews kat twitter @twt_kecantikan and also I did asked my friends, they did suggest to buy Daiso punya brush cleanser/ brush cleaner. Very affordable sebab murah. RM5.90 only! And it is 150ml, for me not too small, tapi comel je. Tapi takpelah, cause kita guna brush cleaner ni pun sekali sekala je kan.

Bau dia okay. For me, bau dia light je. Tak kuat sangat and takde bau yang tak menyenangkan. So okay la. Takde la sakitkan hidung ke apa ke. Untuk texture dia, as you can see in the video, dia macam air je. Very light. But dia really bersabun. So I suggest you guys untuk mix with water. Kalau tak, you akan ada problem masa nak basuh brush tu dengan air. I mean, kena basuh banyak kali untuk make sure sabun tu betul betul hilang. Lebih kurang macam kalau you nak basuh baju dua tiga helai. Tapi you letak sabun banyak gila. So time nak bilas tu la yang leceh sebab banyak sangat sabun. So ya please add some tap water.  But its up to you if you taknak campur dengan air pun takpe. Thats just my suggestion so that it will be easier for you. Campur dengan air pun ok, dia still boleh bersihkan brush tu dengan betul betul bersih (I did try add with water. But I didn't record it). 

So I wanna show you guys the before and after using this brush cleaner. For me, its worth the money. And it can clean up my brushes pretty well. So the conclusion is, I am really satisfied. With RM5.90, I can clean up my brushes. I think you guys should give it a try. Oh I tak try dekat beauty blender cause I don't have that one. But ada jual kat Daiso cleanser yang special for beauty blender. 



For your information, kalau tengok real depan mata memang teruk sangat brush I especially yang I guna untuk foundation and concealer tu. Ni pun dah lama tak basuh hahaha teruknyaaaa (busy ke?). Maybe sebab I tak jumpa jumpa brush cleanser. Luckyly I found it!

One tips for you guys, make sure brush you tu betul betul free soap ok. Make sure bilas bersih bersih sampai memang takde sabun. Cause I taknak la bila sabun tu campur dengan makeup kita, lepastu tonyoh kat muka nanti ada kesan sampingan pulak (break out for instance). So make sure bilas betul betul ok ;) And please use clean towel. Kat daiso banyak je towel. Beli yang dust free towel. Tu pun okay jugak

Okay lah. Sekian sahaja review ikhlas from me. I hope this helps you guys untuk beli brush cleanser yang affordable and works well. And do leave your comment below if you ada suggestion brush cleanser yang lain, or maybe you jual ke.

 (Disclaimer: This is not a paid/sponsored review. What works for me, might not work for you. This is just my very honest review and personal experience. My intention is just want to share. Sharing is caring)

Thanks for reading! Take care ;)

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