End of Semester 1 of MBA

It's a little bit late actually cause my first semester ended on 30th August (about two weeks late). But nevermind I still want to share something here. Alhamdulillah my 1st semester of master degree (MBA course) in UiTM Shah Alam went well. I couldn't be happier. Alhamdulillah my 1st semester in faculty of Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School (AAGBS) ended good (for my own satisfaction, cause I know my capabilities). 

Thank you for those yang sentiasakan mendoakan, sentiasa bagi semangat dan dorongan. Especially to my parents, they gave me moral and physical support, money, etc etc non stop. Without them, I couldn't make it. Another semester to go. Sometimes I feel like giving up. I feel like to quit. But I know I must keep going. I have go this far, I cannot stop. 

The 2nd semester will be another 6 months long, will be tight and pack with all assignments, test, presentation, project and so on. #setahunyangpanjang #nowturnedto6bulanyangpanjang. Almost there almost there! But the most important and scariest thing in this semester which are THESIS WRITING and VIVA presentation. Ya Allah, another 5 months to go but I already feel the vibes now. Im so nervous! Takde apa yang lebih nervous sepanjang journey ambil MBA ni melainkan VIVA and process to write the thesis. 

Ya Allah, may Allah ease everything for me and my friends. May Allah give us chance to graduate on time for our first master degree. Amin 

I would like to flashback a bit about all my subjects I took during semester 1. First subject is Organizational Behaviour (MGT 700). Basically, this is the subject where we learn how to manage an organization through understand the behaviour of people in the organization as well the behaviour of people in the surrounding. Ive learned a lot with this subject where how we should do this and that and what we shoudln't do. How to enhance leadership skill and so on. Plus, our lecturer, Dr Azzarina Zakaria, she is very very good in advicing people. She loves to advice and remind us how we should not judge someone. Do not easily judge people. We should delay our judgment cause we never know what actually happened. We do not know what that person struggle to. Don't be so judgyyy cause being that will reflect our own negative behaviour. Thats what Dr Azzarina always told us. 

In this subject, we did organize one CSR project. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Since we are in fast track programme, so we did not have ample time to really plan activities yang gempak and Wow. Besides we do not have much budget. Means that we cannot looking for a sponsor since we need to conduct the program fast (within one month). To be exact, not really one month, we only got around 2 weeks to settle everything. In these two weeks lah kita kena siapkan proposal paper with approval, kena deal dengan organisasi organisasi yang we want to have activities with, and also waiting the approval for budget, preparing this and that and many more. 

This CSR project carry 20% so we have to all out and do the best that we can. Cause 20% means a lot! It could change your life, from failed to passed! There were also tests, online tests, online discussion, assignments, and presentations that carry another 80%. Alhamdulillah semuanya baik baik saja. One tips for you to do the online tests or dicussion, make sure you have a really good wifi connection! Better go to the library. And then, make sure to submit 10 minutes earlier before the time given. Cause you do not know maybe your PC/laptop time tu lagi lambat compare dengan system punya masa. Contohnya if the due is at 2.30pm, and your PC is 2.25pm meaning that you got another 5 minutes right? But what if system tu punya masa adalah 5 minit awal from your PC. So tak ke naiya if you tengah buat and about to click the submit button, tetiba shut down. TIMES UP. 

Haaa nangis lah kat situ tak sempat submit. Lecturer pun very strict, she won't accept any excuses because for her why other students can submit on time but why you can't. So jaga jaga ye. This is based on my friend's experience. She already answered all the questions but she waited until the very last minute that she couldn't manage to click the sumbit button. She lose 10% marks for test. Bukannya dia tak merayu kat lecturer tapi memang lecturer doesn't give a damn pun! And bukan dia sorang ye. Ada few classmates yang lain pun macam tu. And because of that 10% lah she couldn't get A. Kalau tak mesti gred dia naik satu. Maybe from B+ she can get A- ke kan. This based on true story taw. So please jaga jaga.

For a month of April, we took BRM subject. BRM is business research methodology. Basically this subject taught us on how to conduct a survey, social experiment, how to choose the right technique, how to do the thesis, slide presentation and so on. From chapter 1 introduction to chapter 5 data and finding and also conculsion and recommendation. In this subject we need to find the real company that have internal problems for us to conduct the research. We have to prepare the proposal of chapter 1, 2 and 3. And this proposal can also be used for our proposal report applied business research (ABR) for VIVA later. We also need to find an advisor (supervisor) that has expertise in related field of that research. I already share this thing in my previous post. You can check out my post here and please read how that really made my life miserable! Im moving on now. Alhamdulillah. But I have to share it here so that one day I can look back to the posts and read.

In the month of May, I took the Economic Analysis (ECO 740) subject. This is one of the subjects that Im not very keen to learn but still I have to take this subject. Alhamdulillah the lecturer is super nice and very understanding. She is very soft spoken and I fell in love with the way she taught us in a class. And plus she's wearing dUCk scarves to the class, made her more stylish and fashionable than the other lecturers in AAGBS. She even wears the Limited Edition Worldmap dUCk, KL dUCk and many more, including the premium basic one. Since I am a fans of Vivy Yusuf and dUCk, so I got excited whenever I see my lecturer wearing them. To be honest I selalu usha tudung dia. She's pretty! 

Okay back to the story. Basically this subject is about business analysis activities especially on the financial analysis and planning. We learned about demand and supply, about types of market struture and so on, in depth ya. Im not really good in summarize this subject cause this is the least favourite subject hahaha! And this is the subject that Im worried the most, the subject where Im in doubt that Im not gonna pass cause I can't answer really well on the final paper. But Alhamdulillah, everything turned out so good that I never expect Allah would give me such grade! Thank you Allah.

In June, I took Human Resource Management (HRM 730). This is the subject where we took in the month of Ramadhan. It kinda exhausted but Alhamdulillah all went well. In this subject we also did organize and event. Since it is in Ramadhan, so we conduct an Iftar program. An Iftar with ZN Seven, (a company that sponsored us for the Iftar menu) and also with our beloved dean of AAGBS, Prof Azam. This event supposed to have staff of AAGBS and all MBA students from part 1. Alhamdulillah all the planning turned very well (the venue, PA system, catering, cenderamata, VVIP and so on). 

Sadly is, we did invite all staff of AAGBS, but none of them appeared at the event. It kinda sad you know, even the staff not giving their support to us. Its free food kot! You don't have to pay anything. The food was good too! I must admit, the food was really nice.  Yeah I know they wanted to berbuka puasa with their family, but apa salahnya kan if they show their support to us, the students. Bukannya hari hari pun tak dapat berbuka with family. 

No wonder lah when they conduct majlis terbuka hari raya haritu pun tak ramai student yang datang. Maybe because they even don't show up to any events that students invited them kot. Entah lah, I don't know. Let just forgive and forget! But still, for everything related with academic, they are always there to help us and give support. Thank you AAGBS team!

In July, I took Managerial Accounting subject. ACC720. For this one, you can have a look at my previous post here! Nothing much to say cause already cerita everything in that post. Hehe. I hope I get a good grade for this subject! Aminnn.

In August, I took Marketing Management (MKT 750) subject. This subject is quite interesting actually but its not so easy I told ya. This is because our final paper is on case study solely. Our assignments, discussion and presentation is all about case study. We learned theory a little bit to be applied in the case study. You know, you really need to have a critical thinking, brainstorming and fresh idea in order to answer the case study. Im realized that Im not really good on this. This is my weakness. I have to make lots of reading, on the real word business, not just theory from the textbook. Business magazine, newspapers and extra extra extra books. 

Haih. Dearself, make some reading! Kat rumah banyak sangat buku buku Ayah, but I never read that! Whatttt I cant do this. No wonder Ayah always told me to read read and read so that I will have more idea rather than just know the text book content. Ayah said theory is important, but to be a business leader, we really need to master on real world situation. Need to update with everything happened especially those related with business. I love to read. I love to read. I love to read. Should keep it that in mind! I think now I know what my new mission and goals should be. Huhuhu. 

I think that's all from now. I plan to make a very short entry but apakan daya, kita hanya mampu merancang. Tapi Allah yang tentukan. Lol. Actuatlly I cant really control myself when Im writing something. I always want to explain in details. But here I make it short, and lets stop here. Till next entry. Thanks for reading. Take care!



  1. Goodluck in MBA. Always update how you be a master degree student. Really wanna know your experiences. :)

    1. Thank you :) Tu jelah pun yang I can keep up to date hehe

  2. Salam,sy students degree dari ipta lain, sebabkan uitm intake sept kene apply 10 jun ni, nak tanya, sy student bachelor in commerce(perdagangan) with honours, cam berminat nak amek MBA kat uitm, baca2 dia akan antar student buat kat arsyad ayub graduated business school ye? Sy kurang paham bab fast track tu sebab sy bukan asal uitm, klau dari u lain nak amek master dalam bidang yg sama which is from commerce ke master of business admin leh ke mintak fast track? Kiranya dari 2years dia short kan ye duration? Harap akak dapat bg respon yg memberansng kan, sebab dah penat gugel fast track master hanya kuar page akak je. Heee..love

    1. Hi waalaikumussalam dear.

      Yup kalau MBA UiTM dia under faculty Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School (AAGBS). Bukan falculty of business management (FBM). Its okay kalau kurang faham, boleh je tanya. No worries kita willing nak answer semua soalan awak.

      For your information, fast track tu tak boleh mintak. Dia memang akan bagi automatik :) dia bagi depends on mode apa awak apply tak kesah la awak daripada universiti mana sekalipun. IPTA or IPTS sama je. Either you choose full time/part time evening track(kelas petang untuk yang bekerja)/executive MBA (part time class on weekend).

      However, fast track modular programme tu dah dimansuhkan pun. Kita adalah batch last yang ada fast track. But worry not, even dah takde fast track yang setahun tu, yang program baru ni dia just 3 semesters je. Still kejap jugak. Tambah 1 semester je.

      Yuran pulak RM3k++ for each semester (untuk program baru 3 semester. Kita tanya junior yuran diorang). Sebab kalau yuran fast track dia RM5k per semester. And ada sebab kenapa dia dah mansuhkan program fast track modular tu. Sebab susah and leceh.

      Tapi semua subjek and syllabus still sama so far. Yang program baru 3 semester ni baru je. Baru ada 1st batch. Next March is the 2nd batch. So if awak ambik yang September intake tu, you're the 3rd batch la.

      Hope this answers your question. Anything nak tanya boleh email kita dekat nurulasheqin.adlan@yahoo.com. Email je and I will reply your email ASAP. Nak mintak education materials ke apa ke inshaAllah boleh, I will try my best to help you. Sebab sharing is caring kan hehe.

      Anyway, all the best and goodluck dear in whatever you're doing! ;)

  3. Salam sis,
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I am also currently doing MBA at UITM but part time 😊
    I was wondering for BRM subject would it be an individual or group work? Because sometimes I see the seniors presenting their viva in 3 or 2 people within a group so I was wondering if it would be as an individual or a group work.
    Thanm you in advance 😊

    1. Wsalam. Oh hi UiTM-mate hehe. How was your class so far? Is everything alright? I hope everything is good.

      Regarding the BRM subject, it is a group work. With minimum of 2 and maximum 3 person. Cannot more or less than that.

      Some group prefer 3, some prefer 2. You can choose :)

      All the best in your study!


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