UiTM Postgraduate Registration (faculty: AAGBS)

A little throwback masa registration day for my current enrollment; MBA. Kenapa buat throwback ni? Sebab tengok ramai student baru masuk around the campus so tetiba terasa nak flashback some memories during my registration day. Hehe. 

So here I am nak story sikit pasal how do we do for registration in UiTM (to be specific for postgraduate UiTM students). Postgraduate students are those who pursue their Master and PhD. Sebab degree crowd dia lagi hebat and how they handle is a litte bit different. In UiTM, postgraduate students were managed by Ipsis. Ipsis is institute of postgraduate studies. You can google Ipsis UiTM if you want to pursue your master! Or all related information :)

Basically we do register at DATC (Dewan Agung Tuanku Canselor). This is the case for postgraduate students in UiTM Shah Alam ya. Another campus roughly might be the same procedure and all. But this is specifically in Shah Alam campus. Usually the registration for postgraduate students was held on weekend, this is due to the fact that postgraduate students consist of full time and part time mode students. So it was made on weekend since this part time mode students might be working during weekdays. 

The registration day is made about one week before the class start. So during registration day, all postgraduate students (the first intake) for that coming semester will be here regardless of the course and mode (coursework, research and mixed mode). In that hall of DATC, there were few sections.  In every section, they put this sign number so that it will be easier for students to identify which section they have and haven't go. Students need to go to all sections to submit their documents and do the necessary things. I will explain shortly even if prior the day of registration, you will download all the related documents to be presented on that day. 

This is the 1st counter (students welcome kit counter). This counter was placed just before you entered the hall. It is in DATC but it is outside of the hall. This is the counter that you MUST reach first. Because at this section, you will tick your name according to the course and you will be received the goodies (UiTM bag and pen and pamplet brochurs and all, thats what I got during my time) 

This is the 2nd counter, so called bursary counter. This is the section where you give your proof of payment of the tuition fees. Whereby in this section, I gave my receipt of my payment that I made at Bank Islam. Then they will cop and sign your borang showing that you already completed one of the steps/procedure. 

Whether you already paid the tuition fees or not, you still need to go through this bursary counter. If you already pay the fees, they will note as completed. If you didn't, they will write some note and give times for you to pay the fees (but must be made according to UiTM's deadline for payment of tuition fees, if not you will receive a GT status (gugur taraf) and you need to attend and do another procedure to make it clear). 

For your information, this is also the counter where you can apply to pay the tuition fees in installment. But Im not sure how does it works. They (Ipsis UiTM) did this because the master and phd tuition fees is wayyy expensive to be compared to degree's tuition fees. Some of us need this kind of kelonggaran. One of my friend did fill in the form to pay the fees in installment (secara ansuran)

Okay the 3rd section is the health counter. This is the counter where you handed all your medical checkup thingy. If you didn't do the medical checkup before your registration day, you will get some trouble hehe. Because this is important you know ;) I did my medical checkup at government clinic for RM20 only! In this section there were many counters (table) so its moving fast in each lane even there were so many people. They will cop and sign, meaning that your part in this section is already settled, and can move to the next section.

Next is 4th counter. This is the student card counter where you will be taking a photo for your matric card! Make sure tudung tu betul betulkan sikit okay, nak touch up make up ke apa ke pun boleh hehe. Look at the blue wall! That's the backgroud for your passport photo. There were 7 counters so don't worry, its moving fast too! The student card was collected on the same day (but after the taklimat by the deputy director of Ipsis was done). And abang camera will sign and cop at the borang. So its a proof that you already done your matric card.

The 5th section is the faculties counter. This is where you will go to your own faculties to register the course. For my faculty (AAGBS), there are two courses which is MBA and MIBF, both have a full time and part time mode. So we were seated accordingly to the courses. Then students received the green file each that has few forms to be filled all the necessary informations. Then we will meet the coordinator of the course/staff yang bertugas. During my time, I met the coordinator of MBA which is Dr Tan Peck Leong. He is now my lecturer for my managerial decision analysis subject.

He is the current coordinator of MBA course in AAGBS UiTM. He gave me a group and the time table of the group for the whole semester. He also gave the tentative for the induction programs for the following week. And he will cop and sign to indicate you have completed at this section. Im not sure about other faculties but this happened for my faculty. The procedure maybe lebih kurang je. 

This is the 6th, the last section, which is the Ipsis counter. Here you will handed everything, everything including tuition fees receipt payment, surat tawaran dan lain lain to staff yang bertugas. But before tu they will checked whether you have completed each section (1-5) or not. Then if there is no problem, your registration is compeleted! Yeayyy. Tapi tak boleh balik lagi. Because at 2pm there will be a taklimat that you need to attend. But you can go out for lunch or pergi round round area Shah Alam ke. Since rumah I dekat, I balik rumah, makan solat and all. If lagi awal you datang, lagi cepat siap. I datang pukul 9 lebih kurang. And 11 lebih dah siap dah. Itu pun I lepak lepak rileks dulu sebab takde benda apa nak kejar sangat.

For your information, tak semestinya you have to follow the order of the counters to register. You can always go to counter 4 first for your matric card. Or you can go to health counter dulu ke. Up to you. Yang mana tak ramai tu you pergi lah dulu. But the first counter tu memang kena go through dulu. Yang welcome student kit tu. And the last counter (Ipsis) tu mesti paling last you pergi. Dah settled everything baru pergi kat situ. But the 2nd to 5th counter you boleh buat if taknak ikut turutan.

Thats all from me! You can always ask staff of Ipsis.They are soooo helpful and I feel so welcomed! From my experience, the process during registration day was also very smooth and very easy. Fast and furious gituuu! So thumbs up to the whole team! You guys did a great job! 

For the new students, all the best in your study! Do not do something yang boleh malukan UiTM okay! UiTM dihatiku <3 Thanks for reading!



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    1. Hi! Alhamdulillah Sem 1 went well. Sekarang sem 2 ni risau sangat sangat sangat. Semua subjek menakutkan!

  2. Salam nak tanya, kalau dapat conditional offer letter boleh guna ke time registration?


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