Musim Kahwin

Assalamualaikum and hai to all my readers! It’s been a long time since my last update. Because I have no time to open the laptop and starting to write.

Ya Allah, sekarang ni musim kahwin kan? I mean, if you are around 25 years old, you can relate to this! Now tengah musim kahwin for my age because we’re 25 years old now so my batchmate, my senior and juniors are getting married. Kalau tak kahwin, bertunang. Kalau tak bertunang, kahwin. Dua tu je. Sampai tahap I questioned them “so ok siapa yang tak kahwin??” Hahaha sebab ramai sangatttttt.

Actually, musim kahwin for my age ni happened since last year but this year paling ramai and getting more! Especially during Syawal month and end of the year, which is December. Tunggu je lah nanti πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I pun bercita cita nak nikah on Syawal month. Sebab sunnah kan. InshaAllah. But not Syawal this year obviously.

Anyway, Alhamdulillah I’m happy of course for all my friends. Semoga all of them sentiasa bahagia bersama orang tersayang dunia akhirat. As for me, I belum ada apa apa ikatan lagi dengan si dia. Yes I already have someone special in my heart but to the next step I think I’m not ready yet. Maybe not this year. Maybe yes. I think I’m too scared about the acceptance of his family. I sometimes feel not good enough and never confident enough.

But my mom always said until when you wanna get ready? When you already have a good guy like him you should wait no more. I know but I’m just not ready 😭 lagi pun I baru start kerja. Baru 5 bulan kot. But I know I already 25 years old so I need to be more serious this time. Being an adult is hard. Dulu before I ada kerja, when everybody asked me when will I get married, I always said “Nanti lah tunggu dah kerja baru boleh fikir” so now bila I dah kerja, they keep on asking “so when” and “jangan tunggu lama lama” and “takpe tunang je dulu”. Something like that.

I know all my aunties and relatives might be worried I'm not getting married, I understand that. But marriage is not my priorities right now. I wanted to have a good career and a stable life. I wanted to travel and have my own money. I wanted to have a good saving. I wanted to make my parents and family happy. I wanted to enjoy things before I enter the new world as a wife. There are so many things need to be prepared, financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Marriage is not you can leave just like that when you are tired and bored. Marriage life will be forever, will be life time and with that, I think I need to plan so well. It's not that I want everything to be perfect, but I just want when it is acceptable and reasonable for me for my next step. May Allah ease everything for me.

Guys, please pray the best for me. I don’t want to get married because SO MANY people are getting married nowadays. I want to get married because I want and when I’m ready to enter the next phase of my life. But sometimes I kind of rimas with all the married-related questions. It’s like kahwin is the only thing yang perempuan perlu buat. Yes I tahu tu Sunnah sebab dah menyempurnakan separuh tuntutan agama. But there are so many things I want to achieve in life. But I never get angry with all those people yang tanya, I still jawab dengan sopan ye. When I see everyone around me is getting married, perasaan nak kahwin memang ada datang, but I don’t think I’m ready.

Make sure you have your own life before becoming someone's wife - Beyonce

So for my future husband (if you read this), please be patient and wait for me. I won’t let you down, I promise. Just give me a little time to get ready. Love you so much πŸ’–πŸ’–

And to all my followers, if you are getting married, or plan to get married, I hope Allah will ease everything for you guys. If you are already in the marriage life, I hope everything is just like what you plan. And for those who still looking for a perfect spouse, do not wait for the perfect one because nobody is perfect. Listen to your heart and keep on praying, give lots of doa. Doa is the most powerful weapon, do not underestimate its power. Remember, our children cannot choose their father but we can choose a good husband to be their father. Choose wisely and ask for Allah guidance.

May Allah bless all of us and give us the happiness that our hearts desire. Take care always!



  1. Sepupu kak PC 4 orang bakal bernikah hujung tahun ni..mula dari bulan 8,11 dan penutup bulan 12..
    InshaAllah moga dipertemukan dengan jodoh yang tepat.aamiin.

    1. Aminnnn. InshaAllah kak PC. And congrats untuk semua cousin tu.


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