Purchase with Klook Malaysia and Wonderfly Asia: Waterpark Edition

It’s been a long time since my last day went to the lost world of Tambun ni. Lama gila dah yang banyak beza sangat dulu dengan sekarang. Walaupun kampung I dekat gila 5 minit je dengan water park tu tapi tak pernah teringin nak singgah. Even Sunway Lagoon pun it’s been years kot tak pergi. Tak minat dah nak pergi tempat tempat camtu sebab rasa susah nak solat. But I don’t know maybe now dah ada surau yang nice and comfortable so okay lah.

So we went to the Lost World of Tambun last week because we wanted to bring our baby cousins (not so baby anymore) since they both never went to this theme park. Both are 7 and 6 years old. I pun excited nak bawa diorang. So before pergi tu I check ticket from their website and I tengok mak aih mahalnyaaaa RM117 (adult) and kids if I'm not mistaken RM107. Mahal kot sebab we have 8 adults and 2 kids so that’s a lot to spend. Nak pergi tambun je kot takkan la nak spend banyak macam macam tu. Tak berbaloi. Being me, I always find a way on how to get the cheaper price tickets and what alternative can I do to save more.

So I ask my friends, they suggested trying Klook and Wonderfly. To be honest, I never try to purchase anything via the apps. I pun usha harga kat Klook and Wonderfly and surprisingly harga sangat murah, almost half price weh. For the package yang I nak, Klook and Wonderfly both offered the same price. Adult RM62, Kids RM57.

Okay, let me review Wonderfly first. For me, Wonderfly sangat bagus, because they have many packages that you can choose from. Please bear in my mind that’s the price shows for kids. When you add to cart then choose adult, the price will be different. All packages are one-time entry. Meaning that you have to stay in the park if you want to visit till night. Because if you go out, you need to purchase another ticket.

1. Lost World Water Park (Include Hotsprings) - from RM57
This package is include everything in the park. From 11am until 11pm except for those tubes and locker rental, pay per ride activities, spa treatment and meals. For me, this is good enough as you still can play all the slide (gelongsor) kat waterpark tu even you don’t have the tube/pelampung. Sebab the tube will be given every time you want to play the slide. So you still can play and save up at the same time! Meals in the park is not cheap as compared to the outside but still very affordable. For sure you cannot bring outside food but it still affordable and not pricey.

2. Super Saver Package - from RM88

This package extra sikit from the previous one. Yang lain semua sama kecuali dia ada additional paddle boat rode at swan lake and you will get ice cream and lunch set. That’s all. So you need to add RM31 to experience. If you tak purchase this package pun, the amount you need to pay untuk ride at swan lake, ice cream and lunch set tu pun about RM31 juga. For me, it’s not about jimat but it’s more to make you easier so you don’t have to cash out to pay. Sebab you dah bayar siap siap kan. So if you really want the swan ride then you pick this package.

3. Lost World Trail - from RM90

This one you tambah RM2 untuk dapat 1 packet fish food and 4R photo je. Extra these two things.

That’s the basic for package yang ada. You boleh check them out at wonderfly.asia sebab ada package yang set for 2 adults and 1 kid jugak. Ada juga yang meal package. I attach photos for you guys.

As you can see, package banyak so you can choose your preference. Those yang suka berjalan boleh try sign up Klook and usha harga. Wonderfy pun you boleh tengok. Before you pergi somewhere tu you usha harga kat Klook. Or if you dah sampai sana, and you tengok dulu walk in ticket price berapa, then comparelah dengan harga kat Klook. Kalau Klook murah, you beli la dengan Klook sebab dia immediate process and dah boleh dapat tiket. Contoh ada kawan I dia pergi Universal Studio Singapore (USS), so dia purchase guna Klook memang dapat murah. So you compare ok. Jadilah pengguna yang bijak! Gituuu.

The reason I pilih Klook sebab dia ada cashback guna Shopback. Tu subject to price Klook dengan Wonderfly sama. Kalau Wonderfly murah lagi dari Klook and shopback pun tak boleh bagi banyak camtu, then pilih la Wonderfly. So choices are in your hand hehe.

Good luck! Siapa yang dah try Klook boleh comment kat bawah ni ok. Till next post. See ya!



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