Penangan Semester 2 of MBA

Assalamualaikum to my dearest readers. It's been a long time since my last update, which is January. Now dah April. Its not that I don't want to update a new entry but my Semester 2 of MBA schedule was super duper tight and pack. I literally don't even have time for my long skincare routine that I have been blogged about that in my previous post. Seriously tak tipu. Back to back presentation, test, assignments and final assessment. Non stop until 6 months. So so tired!

If you guys are my new followers or just read my blog, you can click on MBA journey at the top of this page to see and follow how I did my MBA. Happy reading :)

So basically the 2nd semester covers these subjects:
  • Managerial Finance
  • Information Technology Management
  • Operations Management
  • Managerial Decision Analysis
  • Strategic Management
  • Global Business Issues and
  • Applied Business Research (on-going)

All these subjects still belum dapat result, which makes me nervous and scared like tahap dewa. What I can say is this semester 2 really testing me as a student. So challenging, stressful and tons of works! Everytime I feel down I always question myself "why I took MBA at the first place?" and "why I pursue my master degree, why don't I just work?" Like there is always the big WHY in my head, all the time.

And Alhamdulillah I survived, so far! I bersyukur maybe sebab I duduk rumah dengan parents and still boleh control. And also my friends are very supportive like they support me and give some motivational quotes. I also got a very understanding boyfriend which he always there for me whenever I want to share something. And he always like "doesn't matter how long you are in this journey, as long as you didn't stop halfway" everytime I talked about "what if I have to extend". So grateful to have such amayyyzing people surround me. Alhamdulillah. 

So basically semester 2 is about "finishing-your-research-semester" whereby I have to complete my proposal which I made last semester, to make it into thesis and finally hardbound it. Yeappp writing a thesis is another challenging part! Everything is so challenging I don't know how I can tahan. Mygod.

I will post another entry about my thesis writing, inshaAllah. 

You know why I said it is so challenging? Because it is very very stressful things for me. Okay all the subjects that I took in the 2nd semester were not easy at all, but they were not as hard as writing and completing the one that is very important in this journey: thesis!

Macam mana eh nak cerita ni. Ok I punya stress tu tahap yang I kena diarrhea and dehydrated for about two weeks. In the first week I tak perasan sangat. I just fikir yang I salah makan. And at one time I macam dah taktahan sangat sebab I makan benda yang sama dengan semua orang makan. Tapi orang lain tak sakit langsung pun. You know, sampai dah takde apa benda dah nak keluar. And to the extent yang I rasa takut nak makan apa apa, sebab end up mesti akan ke bilik air. Then my mum and I decided to consult with doctor.

I pun pergi cek doktor. And then after check itu ini semua ok, tanya itu ini semua normal. Last sekali soalan doktor ialah "awak stress ke?" and YES I AM. I told doctor that my stress level is so high yang I sampai termimpi mimpi benda benda tu. I termimpi mimpi I failed this and that, I termimpi mimpi pasal thesis I, assignment, final, test and so on. I terlalu banyak sangat fikir. And yes, I mengaku I memang overthinking. 

Every subject yang I ambik in semester 2 sangat menakutkan yang I tak yakin pun boleh pass. Semester 2 ni lecturers lain macam sikit. Strict yang tahap tak boleh bincang. Haha! Ataupun I stress bila subject tu susah yang I rasa tak boleh nak bawak. Tak pun assignment dia I rasa berat sangat sebab banyak yang non stop (tak cukup rehat, tido hari hari 3-4 pagi) and final assessment dia yang sangat susah. Semuanya tak meyakinkan. Beza sangat dengan semester 1 dulu.

I paling stress pasal research project I tula, yang kena siapkan thesis tu, which names is ABR (Applied Business Research). ABR ni memang buat stress level I 10000000%. Semuanya sebab research I ni pasal qualitative. Tapi yang I belajar is quantitative research. Bila company yang kiteorang refer tu problem dia membuatkan kiteorang kena buat qualitative research, part tu pun dah stress. Sebab no specific guideline untuk buat qualitative research compared to those yang buat quantitative. I think I akan cerita more details on the other entry. Sebab it will be such a long entry then.

Back to the doctor consultation thingy, sampai doktor pesan suruh take it easy and everything will be fine. Doktor cakap jangan stress sangat sebab tak elok untuk kesihatan. Rupanya stress ni tak semestinya hanya sakit kepala je. Bila kita terlampau stress, certain people dia takde rasa sakit kepala langsung pun tapi dia maybe akan diarrhea, muntah muntah, hilang selera makan dan sebagainya. It depends. Macam I bila stress je I makan hehehe. And yes, stress ni memang sangat bahaya as it will alter your gene and menyebabkan penyakit lain pula. So please contol your stress well. 

Another symptom yang I dapat ialah rambut I gugur dengan terlalu banyak. Banyak sangat sangat sampai rambut I makin nipis and too obvious. Kalau before this kat area dahi banyak anak rambut now dah makin berkurangan. Bila I notice je benda ni I nangis. I nangis sebab I down rambut I macamtu. Yela rambut kan mahkota wanita kan. It hurts me a lot. But now I tengah dalam proses nak recovery (baru 2 minggu). Doakan everything back to normal and rambut I tebal balik okay :)

Penangan semester 2 ni memang dahsyat yang I tak boleh nak lupa. Banyak lagi cerita cerita tapi I akan cerita one by one on different entry. 

Thats all from me at the moment. I nak warm up dulu. Dah lama tak update.
Banyak sangat cerita untuk di update. InshaAllah nanti.

Take care! Assalamualaikum.



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