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Assalamualaikum and good day everyone!

Its been a while since my last update here. Things are super duper busy that I don't even have time to write something here. I know its kinda a little bit late to share story as per the title above. But, better late than never, right?

Now its August 2018 already, and I've done with my Viva Voce exam on 26th March 2018.

Alhamdulillah everything went well, all things related with thesis and Viva are settled as my group member and I passed the Viva with minor minor correction! Thanks to the team member and our advisor, Dr Hadijah as she helped us a lot in completing the thesis and oral presentation. We were given one week only to do the correction. I told ya, its minor minor correction. Cewah! Alhamdulillah Allah ease everything for us. The panels are also very nice and all the questions we manage to answer smoothly and confidently.

And the result already came out on May 2018. Alhamdulillah, syukur that we passed the subject (ABR 796) which is thesis writing and oral presentation. We manage to get an A for this code. Alhamdulillah. Thank you for those who always make a dua for us along this journey. Family, friends, lecturers and anyone involved. I appreciate all your duas and support given to me.

So here, I would like to share with you some tips and doa that I recite non stop before the Viva day. This doa was given by my friend who already did her Viva. Doa unutk meraih hormat orang kepada kita ni is very helpful for me, to smooth the presentation, and doa ini juga bagi I dapat melembutkan hati panel or examiner yang dengar our explanation. So that diorang can accept with open heart and also want to avoid from receive question yang we cannot afford to answer.

Bagi I, doa ni juga untuk mengelakkan daripada dihentam oleh panel panel. Ye la sebab I dah tengok presentation senior senior, and diorang memang ada yang kena hentam teruk. Like, teruk sangat.

"This is so wrong. Your research is completely wrong!"
"Your research means nothing as there is no problem at all to be solved. Nonsense!"
"Your chapter 1 already wrong. Meaning that all chapters are also cannot be accepted"

Itulah yang I tengok sendiri macam mana senior kena hentam. Bukan 1 group, tapi beberapa group yang kena. And that's scared me a lot. I always have this negative thinking that my group will experience the same. Cause you know, our group do have some problems from the beginning that makes me feels not confident. I selalu berdoa semoga dapat panel yang baik. Sebab panel pun main peranan.

That's my weakness. I always have this negative minded over everything that is not done yet. Just so you know, this negative thinking kills, and can affect everything that we worked on. So don't be. You should not worry for things that are not sure to happen. You should worry for things that already happened and find the solution for it. 

To be honest, I never be prepared enough for the presentation, tak pernah ada semangat nak prepare for Viva as I always think that my group will have to extend the subject. That kind of thinking makes me down, until two days before Viva session, my best friend told me this:

"You kena semangat. Kalau asyik fikir bukan bukan asyik fikir extend, memang takkan boleh buat apa. Sebab you dah fikir extend sebab tu takde semangat nak buat itu ini. Cuba jangan fikir dulu, letak tepi dulu. Usaha dulu untuk pass benda ni. Lepas dah settle tu, pass atau tak, baru fikir kemudian macam mana nak buat. Sebab mana tahu ada chance untuk pass, tapi sebab dah tak semangat and tak well prepared, terus tak pass"

And time tu jugak I terus tersedar apa yang I buat ni salah and not fair to my group members. Betul juga, kalau asyik fikir akan extend, memang takkan boleh buat apa. So berbaki 2-3 hari yang ada, I terus bersemangat untuk prepare. Memang kurang tidur sebab nak practice practice and practice. Cari and fikir all possible questions with answer sekali. Dah la our group kena on the first day Viva, and first group pulak tu! Time tu I fikir positive je, ada hikmah kot. Ada hikmah ni dapat first group.

You know what, first group to present ni bertuah and bernasib baik taw. Sebab panel and examiners punya expectation adalah sangat rendah. So segala kekurangan and kelemahan kita yang minor minor tu maybe bukan masalah yang besar and will be less notified by them. So, untung kan?

Here, I wanna share with you  guys some tips that you guys can follow. Tips ni takde la bagus mana, but that's what we did. Anyone nak added up is free to do so in comment section ya :) lets share cause sharing is caring!
  1. Must be well prepared. Practice practice practice. So that bila kita present tu akan smooth je.
  2. Timing is very important. Make sure you practice with your team member so that timing tu ngam. Terlebih masa takpe boleh guna untuk Q&A session. Masalahnya bila tak cukup masa so nanti presentation tu tak boleh nak dihabiskan. So plan with time mana yang kena lama and cakap in details and mana yang tak perlu in details and boleh skip. As for my experience, our group memang cakap laju but clear, sebab takde masa. Tak boleh nak take own sweet time sebab memang tak sempat.
  3. Kurangkan phrase filler. Means that kurangkan cakap "errr" "aaa" "aaa" "aaa" time presentation tu. Well semua ni takkan terjadi if you guys are well prepared.
  4. Slide presentation must be interesting enough yet clear and easy to read. Penggunaan colour untuk font and background slide sangat penting ye. Kita kena fikir juga panel or examiner yang dah tua tu. Senang cerita, jangan bagi diorang put pressure on their eyes for the sake to read our slide. 
  5. Jangan tengok skrip. Be prepared. Kalau boleh hafal certain sentences or point, please hafal. Sebab kalau you tengok skrip, markah akan dipotong. Or kalau tak tengok skrip dapat markah lebih. Macam tu lah lebih kurang.
  6. Datang awal untuk elakkan kelam kabut and lupa apa yang nak dipresentkan. Tidur awal malam before presentation day.
  7. Pakai pakaian formal. Ini penting ye. Tapi I rasa semua orang tahu kot pasal ni.

Okay ni I nak share dengan korang contoh slide I buat. I yang tukang edit sebab I suka. My group members pun memang serahkan kat I bab bab ni. I takde la nak cakap slide I ni bagus ke apa, sebab ramai lagi yang cantik. My point here is, pilih background and font colour yang sesuai. As for me, I prefer background putih, with black font. Sebab bagi I, tu lebih jelas and senang untuk orang baca. 

Design biasa biasa je. I just google and tengok apa yang I suka then I copy la buat box ke buat arrow ke, manually taw. Bukan download template. I memang copy design tu just colour je tukar and design tukar sikit sikit lah. Takde la sebijik sangat. Tapi I memang tak suka download template sebab I rasa susah nak adjust. A+ for effort hahaha reward diri sendiri. Yup semua slide I buat camtu. Takpelah penat sikit and leceh yang penting I puas. So slide ni tak boleh buat 1-2 days before presentation ye. Kena buat at least 1 week before. Yela nak tunjuk kat advisor bagai bagai. Yang penting, jangan buat last minit sebab kalau tak memang cincai and kelaut. Trust me.

That's all for now. Banyak lagi I nak share. Hopefully I rajin lah nak update. Anything boleh tanya ye. InshaAllah I will try my best to respond ASAP.

Till next post! Thank you for reading.

Kind regards,
Gen Y girl :)



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